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The Young Spades series is out this fall!
Pulling Strings was out September 5th:

Aristotle “Ari” Dineen, Jr. thinks he doesn’t deserve love. Ari has bipolar disorder and parents who don’t understand his challenges. Falling in love isn’t on the playlist for a guy like him, someone running from his past and so uncertain about his future.
Shane Beckett doesn’t have time for things like love. He’s busy – giving music lessons, finishing his senior year, and oh yeah, he’s the lead singer of up and coming indie rock band, Young Spades.
A cup of beer, a music history class, and a pack of cigarettes changes everything.
As Ari and Shane are about to find out, despite having a lack of time or the confidence to believe they can make it work, love has a way of pulling them in and rocking their worlds.

Facing the Beat was out October 1st
Tuning it Out will be out October 31st

Young Spades Series