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The Crushing Series, which launched in August 2019, is exclusive to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and is now complete! Change of Plans features a friends to lovers story about backup dancers. The Undercover Plan went live in October 2019 and is a bodyguard/rockstar romance with an age gap and mild hurt/comfort. The final book in the series, The One Night Plan, is now live as well and is a one-night stand romance with plenty of angst. 

The Young Spades series, which released in the fall of 2018, is exclusive to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Pulling Strings, book 1 in the series, contains mental illness, coming of age, and first time relationships. The second book is Facing the Beat, and it contains past hurts, gay for you, and a cocky photographer. Finally, Tuning it Out wraps up the series with a coming out story, second chances, and a lot of love. 

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