Writing Challenge #2 – Fanfiction

Okay, so the second piece for the writing challenge is to write a fanfiction. I’m so mortified to have written this (it’s RPS – real person slash) that I’ve changed the names. I suppose that’s sort of cheating, but I hope you’ll like it either way.


It seemed to Luke that sex could always be boiled down to a series of moments of acute anticipation, from beginning to end, and that even the conclusion of sex brought about its own round of aching anticipation. He loved nothing more than that feeling of hot, eager wanting. The anticipation was his favorite part.

Luke knelt on the bed, naked, facing away from James, body tense. The room was dark, and he could only hear the sound of his breathing, and James’s breathing, and his own heart pounding. He hung his head, waiting.

The bed shifted as James climbed on, and Luke bit his lip, holding himself as still as possible.

“Shhh,” James whispered. And with that, strong hands were sliding across Luke’s back, up from the base of his spine to his shoulder blades, stroking outward along the tops of his shoulders, and then back down his sides. “Shh,” James said again, and stroked his right hand along the right side of Luke’s neck, fingertips light, trailing along the sensitive skin there, neck, ear, jawline, throat. Luke shivered and tilted his head away from James’s hand, welcoming the touch. His eyes fluttered open, and he turned his face slightly to his lover, searching to make eye contact. When he locked eyes with James and saw the dark lust there, Luke held his breath.

He exhaled slowly, shakily. They had danced this dance a thousand times, it seemed, but the eager, breathless anticipation was always his favorite; waiting to see what James would bring this time, what James would do to show Luke just how much he knew Luke’s needs, and how fucking amazing it would feel in the end. Yes, the anticipation was his favorite part.

James leaned down over Luke, and Luke felt the heavy heat of the taller man folding himself over Luke’s back. James’s left hand slid down Luke’s arm and James’s weight came to rest on it. With the other hand, James tilted Luke’s head away, exposing Luke’s left jaw. He closed his eyes again, body pliant. Soft lips caressed his tender neck, and he exhaled in a little huff.

“Turn,” James whispered in Luke’s ear, and Luke felt a surge, hot in his belly, straight down to his groin.

“Yes sir,” he murmured in response. Luke knew better than to respond in any other way. Lowering himself onto his forearms, Luke eased down onto the bed. He rolled onto his back, stretched his legs out, and pulled his arms up, clasping his hands together on the pillow above his head.

“Hmm,” James growled. “Good.” James pulled back and knelt over Luke, gazing over that which was his. “Good boy.”

With just those words, as if on cue, Luke arched his hips up just a bit, seeking physical reward.

“Ah, not so fast,” James whispered, and placed a hand on Luke’s hip, pressing the smaller man into the mattress so firmly that Luke could almost feel springs.

Without another moment’s hesitation, James leaned in, mouth hot and open, and pressed himself against Luke. James pressed his forehead against Luke’s shoulder and exhaled. Then he tilted his mouth down just a bit more, teeth grazing Luke’s shoulder.

Luke bit his lip again, exhaling through his nose. He knew what came next, and he was ready. Again, he knew better than to say more. Slowly, he felt the teeth drag along his shoulder, up his collarbone, and nip down. And then another, harder this time.

James’s teeth parted, and with a push, he shifted his body higher. Their groins grazed together, and Luke felt the hand on his hip press him down more firmly into the mattress, preventing any errant movements. James sank his teeth slowly into the smooth skin and taut muscle just below where Luke’s neck and shoulder joined. Luke groaned this time, rocking his head to the side, pushing into the pain. Only a second went by before James was licking and kissing Luke’s neck, tender and sensual. Then another bite, and a third, each one followed by a series of kisses to soothe the ache.

Luke slid his hands down from the pillow onto James’s back, sliding easily in the thin sheen of sweat. “Ohh,” he murmured, digging his fingernails into the taller man.

With that, James went in for the kill. He released Luke’s hip and slid that hand along Luke’s throat, tipping Luke’s head as far to the side as he could. He dragged his teeth along Luke’s shoulder again, and bit down, hard.

Despite his best efforts, Luke grunted and exhaled heavily, trying to keep his breathing even. “Yeah,” he whispered. “Oh, yes.”

In what seemed to Luke like a perfectly timed moment of torture, James slid his fingers down to Luke’s nipple, pinched hard, and released both Luke’s chest and his neck at the same time. As he did, Luke rocked his hips up, almost as if he had no control over his motions, and groaned again.

Luke’s cock was leaking, tip slick with precome, and he had to fight against himself to keep his hips in place. “Please,” he hissed. James kissed Luke, parting lips with his tongue. Even this was almost irresistible to Luke, he was so eager, so in need. Luke pulled back. “Please fuck me.” As much as he ached, Luke knew that James had to be wanting it just as much. More. James had confessed before that he enjoyed playing out these scenarios more than he had ever expected. While Luke had always known he loved pain during sex, James had come to it by way of loving Luke. And, as it turned out, James had loved every moment of it.

Hooking an arm behind Luke’s neck, James tumbled the two of them, until Luke was on top. “Get the lube,” he ordered.

Immediately, Luke scrambled to slide open the bedside drawer, pulled out a bottle of slick silicone lube, and positioned himself back above James.

“You do it,” James said. “You put it on.”

Luke rocked back on his shins, his cock bobbing gently in the darkness. He couldn’t help himself, and reached out to stroke James, marveling at the heat of it. James had not been his first guy, and they had been together for a long time, but even so, every time Luke caught himself amazed at his good fortune. He licked his lips, flicking his eyes up to meet James’s.

“Can I suck it?”

James’s eyes fluttered closed for a second, hips thrusting up. “Yes,” he said. “Yes.”

Luke didn’t waste any time, moving down, kneeling on the bed over his lover’s body. He licked his lips again, parted them, and pulled James’s cock into his mouth. Luke closed his eyes and licked the salty precome. His mouth started watering, literally watering, and he groaned eagerly. Gripping the base firmly with one hand, Luke coated James’s shaft with saliva, licking from base to tip as thoroughly as he could. He knew he was dragging it out, but he lived for James’s pleasure, and the longer it took, the longer James would reward him – he hoped.

“God damn it, Luke,” James murmured, fisting his hand in Luke’s hair. He didn’t pull or guide, not yet, but he gripped just hard enough that Luke couldn’t move without his scalp singing just a little. “Go.”

Luke took orders well, including this one. He opened his mouth and took James in fully. It had taken some practice, but he was able to take all of it, James’s cock sliding along the back of Luke’s throat. Luke tightened his throat as he sucked gently. Bobbing his head, Luke worked his tongue along James’s shaft. All of his movements were hampered by the hand gripping his hair, but Luke worked against it the best he could. When his jaw started to get tired, he loosened the suction and pulled off, sliding his mouth down to James’s balls, sucking gently on each while he stroked James.

After long moments of this, James tugged Luke’s hair hard. “No more,” he bit out.

Luke leaned back on his shins again and retrieved the bottle of lube. Pouring the lube into his hands, he breathed slowly, trying to steady his heartbeat.

“Now,” James growled. “Stop fucking around.”

He nodded, slid his hand down past his cock, and to the cleft of his ass. God, how he wanted to stroke himself, just once, to grip his own shaft, hand slick with lube, and ease some of the tension he felt. James would beat his ass for that, without a doubt, Luke knew, and while he wouldn’t mind the punishment so much, he couldn’t bear to disobey. He stroked his ass several times, working the lube in place, and the slid a finger in, fucking himself with it just a bit. He exhaled and hummed, grateful for the tingling it sent through his cock and out to the rest of his body.

“Yes. Another.” James had a fist wrapped around his cock, stroking slowly, his other hand tucked behind his head.

Luke’s cock leaned against his own arm, and just the touch made him ache for more. He slid a second finger inside himself and whimpered just a little. It felt good, but he needed more, and he needed it soon. Before long, he was sliding both fingers in and out, as deeply as he could get them.

“More.” James’s strokes were getting faster.

Sighing, Luke slid his hand out, poured more lube on it, and eased it back into place. The positioning wasn’t the best for fingering himself, but his arms were lean, his fingers were long, and he managed to slip a third in alongside the previous two. As he worked the fingers in and out, he started thrusting unconsciously, each thrust accompanied by a tiny groan.

For a long while, James watched. Luke saw James watching and slid his free hand to his chest, pinching and twisting his nipples eagerly. “Please, sir,” Luke said, giving up on his efforts of silence, “please. Please.” Each thrust was accompanied by a plea. “Fuck me. I can’t wait any longer. I need to come.”

“You can wait. You will wait.”

“Please,” he asked, more desperately.

“Keep going. Don’t you dare come.”

Luke wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold off, had just started worrying that he needed to stop or come or he’d risk losing control and disappoint, when James barked out the order. “Stop. On top of me now.”

Grateful, Luke hurried to his hands and knees, positioning himself directly in front of James’s long cock, slick with precome.


Luke whimpered as he backed up onto James, wanting more, as always.

“Good boy.” James’s hands found Luke’s hips, planted him firmly in place as his cock was fully buried into Luke’s ass. He held Luke still for what seemed like a very long time.

When James released Luke’s hips, there was an implicit permission in the release. Luke exhaled, and crashed his lips into James’s. He devoured James’s mouth, sucking his tongue, and once he released it, he bit James’s lip. He rocked back and forth on his knees, fucking himself. Every down stroke made him feel as if he should be seeing stars – his body was alight with pleasure.

Luke heard James’s groans, and they sped up. The anticipation, the foreplay, the wait had been so long that James was sure to come soon. Luke knew James was close when the larger man reached his arms up, slid his fingers along Luke’s back, and dug his nails in. Rather than gripping, James raked his fingernails along Luke’s back, dragging them slowly, setting every nerve on fire. Luke’s entire body felt lit up. He groaned loudly, grateful for the added intensity.

It was the sound of Luke’s gratitude that sent James over the edge, coming in hot pulses inside Luke.

Frantically, Luke continued to fuck himself on James, desperate to push himself over the edge. He babbled a string of pleas again, knowing that he wasn’t guaranteed to be allowed to come.

Tonight though, James must have been feeling generous. He snaked his hand between the two of them and made a fist around Luke’s cock, slippery with precome and lube, and used Luke’s momentum to stroke him to completion. As Luke came with a cry, he dropped his forehead to James’s shoulder. Panting, breathless, he murmured his thanks, before pulling off of James’s cock and collapsing into a grateful sleep.

Challenge #1 – A short autobiography

Autobiographies are hard. Here’s mine, in list form.
– I was born on a military base in the deep south.
– I grew up in a small town an hour from a city.
– School wasn’t my strong suit, because I wasn’t very socially aware. I was good at the academics, but not the rest.
– I played (badly) in the woodwind section of my band for six years. I never managed much skill because practicing was for the birds. Maybe I wasn’t bad, just mediocre.
– I also played softball badly. Objectively so. I’m uncoordinated, have no depth perception, and am not very athletic.
– College was a revelation. I can remember my first transformative moment, sitting in the dining hall with friends arguing about politics and realizing I knew nothing. That day changed me so deeply.
– My major changed many times. I’ve been an art major, English, education, sociology, writing, and I considered music and communication a minute.
– I wanted to write, but I had a terrible experience with a workshop class. It was so brutal that I stopped writing for over a decade, even for pleasure.
– The strange thing about parenthood is that it has forced me to be more true to myself. I want to be a role model to my kid, and therefore, I work hard to be honest about who and what I am.
– I came out as bisexual and polyamorous two years ago, largely thanks to the music of a particular band.
– The strangest things I’ve ever done are go through a drive thru without a car and order diet water, and cover myself in whipped cream and offer hugs to strangers. I blame Misha Collins, the actor. Google gishwhes for more information.
– I love writing now, thanks to my awesome writer’s support group. And I’m glad I came back to it, because it turns out, I’m pretty okay at it too.

And there you have it. A “short” autobiography.