Thanks but…

As you know, I sent out submissions to agents over the weekend. The first-ever submission I sent out was a year and a half ago, and I only sent out the one. I had been writing “the book” (as I lovingly call it) and stumbled across an open call for submissions, for which I felt my story was perfect. As it turned out, the publisher liked it a little, but not enough. I was encouraged it to revise and resubmit, which is a huge compliment for a new author, but at the time, was crushing. It’s ridiculous, I know now, but I was so disappointed. The editor was very kind and sent me a long list of things to reconsider if I decided to revise, and in retrospect she was right on every single point. I spent a year revising and that “finished” product is what I’ve been sending out.
This week, only a few days after my round of submissions went out, I received a “thanks, but no thanks.” The response was very kind, but simply stated that they didn’t have a need for my particular project, and please consider querying them again in the future. The very frustrating part is not knowing why they didn’t want my story. Was it my query letter? Or was it the premise? Something else? I suspect it was the LGBT angle that knocked me out of the running, which would fall under “something else.” Once again I find myself wishing that agencies listed exactly what they are and aren’t willing to consider, which would save me a considerable amount of time, and save agents the time and energy reading my queries and submissions if it’s not their “thing.” This time I’m not nearly as upset as I was, but it’s still a disappointment.

The good news is, I have nine more publishers and agents who have yet to say anything. I’m certain most of them will decline the project, but I’m hopeful that at least two will be interested, or will request a revision and resubmission. If these aren’t interested, I have a list of about 30 more places I can submit to as well. Finding publishers and agents for such a niche market isn’t easy, but I’m going to give this project six months to find a home. If it doesn’t, I’ll shelve it for a while and move on to querying for another project altogether.

Wish me luck!