Super Sensitive

I’ve been dabbling in those “blog a day” type lists lately, and I really liked this particular prompt. If you were to lose one sense but become super sensitive in another one, which would you choose, and why?

I think I’d choose to lose the sense of sight, actually. Everything I love to do can be done mostly without sight – running (treadmill, hello), horseback riding (especially if you’re in a group), reading (audiobooks), writing (voice narration). The saddest thing would be not being able to see my son grow up.

The sense I’d like to enhance is considerably harder to determine. My gut is to go with hearing, to make up for the loss of sight, but I like loud music, and super sensitive hearing would be a bad combination with loud music. I often describe live concerts as my version of church, and if I had super sensitive hearing, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself.

That leaves taste, smell, and touch. Smell is out, because who wants super sensitive smell? I’d smell everything on everyone, and I have a big dog, so I don’t want her smelly self stinking up my sensitive nose.

Taste wouldn’t be bad, but it’s not very thrilling either. Maybe I could become a food critic.

I think that leaves me with touch as my super sense. It would make reading braille easier (since I’d be blind), and I’d get to enjoy touching my loved ones’ faces as they aged, to get a good “picture” of what they looked like at different times. I’m a sensory seeker, so that would be helpful, too. Plus, I could still enjoy my music, and maybe even really enjoy when my favorite singer crowd surfs, because my sense of touch would tell me so much about what he wore, etc.

What senses would you lose and enhance?

Nine Sites for Writing Prompts

One of the areas I struggle in is coming up with the seed to start a story. As such, I really enjoy challenges like Kink Bingo, because they give me the starter seed to get going. I’ve amassed some of my favorite places to find writing prompts that get my creative juices flowing.

1. 250 Erotic Prompts – Much like Kink Bingo, this list of 250 prompts are mostly words or phrases to help start a story.

2. Romance Story Starters – This site lists a romance story starter once per week or so, in calendar format. They are also categorized. Not all of them are great, but it’s a good place to start.

3. Creative Prompts About Romance – 10 story starter prompts and 10 poetry prompts.

4. Kink Bingo – the Kink Bingo I go on about frequently. This is a link to their communal cards, because the actual game is closed for signups this year.

5. Five Fun Quickies – Five quick prompts. Aimed at erotica, but they could really go any direction.

6. Prompts That Don’t Suck – Self proclaimed awesome writing prompts, and I think the name fits.

7. Creative Writing Prompts – A few of these really caught my eye, particularly 7 and 26.

8. Tumblr tags – This hardly counts, but I’ve found brilliance by searching tumblr for “romance writing prompts.”

9. RWA Prompts – The Romance Writers of America sometimes post good writing prompts to their blog.

I tried my damnedest to make this a list of 10, but I just couldn’t dig up any more prompt sites that I personally like that much. I hate clicking through a prompt site going “No, that’s stupid” and “Ugh, never,” so here I’ve shared things that I genuinely use and want to revisit later. I hope you’ve found it useful too!