Guest Post – Lemon Wedges by Briana Lawrence

Time for another book promo for one of my fantastic fellow Heatstroke Press friends (you have no idea how many times it took me to write “Heatstroke”! I must be tired… ah, Mondays).

This one is m/m! It’s titled Lemon Wedges, a companion piece to Blushing Apples.

Lemon Wedges
Isn’t the cover gorgeous?

There’s some fetishes that we’re allowed to wear out in the open. Others, we have to keep tucked away in our closets. Unbeknownst to the people around him, Kaeden is walking that fine line in stylish heels. But with the release of a new brand, “Lemon Wedges,” Kaeden is finding it hard to keep his desires behind closed doors, especially when his sexy roommate, Stephen, gets a taste of his fashionable little secret.

Warning: This book is explicit, gay erotica, and contains graphic descriptions of sex. Please be aware of this when you purchase and enjoy a slice of devious pie without feeling guilty.

This book sounds just delightful. And you all know that I love me some m/m stories!

You can find the beautiful Briana Lawrence at these places:


Author site


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