Guest Post – Lemon Wedges by Briana Lawrence

Time for another book promo for one of my fantastic fellow Heatstroke Press friends (you have no idea how many times it took me to write “Heatstroke”! I must be tired… ah, Mondays).

This one is m/m! It’s titled Lemon Wedges, a companion piece to Blushing Apples.

Lemon Wedges
Isn’t the cover gorgeous?

There’s some fetishes that we’re allowed to wear out in the open. Others, we have to keep tucked away in our closets. Unbeknownst to the people around him, Kaeden is walking that fine line in stylish heels. But with the release of a new brand, “Lemon Wedges,” Kaeden is finding it hard to keep his desires behind closed doors, especially when his sexy roommate, Stephen, gets a taste of his fashionable little secret.

Warning: This book is explicit, gay erotica, and contains graphic descriptions of sex. Please be aware of this when you purchase and enjoy a slice of devious pie without feeling guilty.

This book sounds just delightful. And you all know that I love me some m/m stories!

You can find the beautiful Briana Lawrence at these places:


Author site


Elyse Shuldhiess - June 2015 (58)

Guest Post: Belinda Burke’s Sophie by the Sea

Wow, we’ve just got all kinds of guests lined up this week. I’ll even have another one on Friday. My Heatstroke authors are all in their “new release” period and would love for you guys to hear a little about their books. Today, I’ll talk about Sophie by the Sea by Belinda Burke.

Here’s the blurb for Sophie:

Sophie has returned to her normal life – to the sea, and to her photography. She’s spent as little time as possible thinking about her encounter with Luka and his pack, if only to keep herself from wistful thoughts. There may be magic in the world, but so far as she can see it won’t make any more difference in her life.
So far as she can see, however, isn’t far enough. Sophie may think things have returned to business as usual, but the ocean has a surprise for her. A shark, who can take the shape of a man. A shark who calls himself Theron, and who can reach out and touch Sophie’s mind.
Theron is the lord of the sea, and he sees her only as his woman, soft and beautiful. He wants to touch her, taste her, take her…and then keep her, if she can pass his test. If not, shifter though he is, Theron is more shark than man. Sophie might be in terrible danger…
But that doesn’t mean she can resist.
Wow, that one sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m really looking forward to reading it. An excerpt after the cut.

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It’s here! It’s here!

Today’s the release day for Group Effort! I’m so excited that I think I’ll post an excerpt. First, the blurb again: Andrew Collins hates the boredom of working as a mail clerk. It doesn’t help that Andrew’s domineering boss, Cole Whitfield, enjoys making him miserable. When Cole catches him being naughty on the job, Andrew is faced with a choice, spend one night as the entertainment for Cole and his friends or look for another job. Can Andrew handle four men at once or will he run from the chance at a night he’ll never forget?

Excerpt after the jump.

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Guest Post: Destiny Dawn’s Blushing Apples

A warm welcome to Heatstroke Press author Destiny Dawn today, whose book is taking over this blog with a post about a new erotic short,  Blushing Apples. I have to say, this book sounds HOT.

Blushing Apples Cover

First off, isn’t her cover beautiful? It definitely piques my interest!

Elana really can’t help herself when she steals the first bite and it’s all downhill from there. After seeing the fruit every day, she thought one would be enough, but to her flustered surprise it’s not. All she can think about is the succulent apple in her hand and the taste across her lips. She hungers for more, and is willing to do anything for another taste.

Warning: This book contains situations involving feeding and threesomes. This book is fully adult and contains graphic descriptions of sex. Please be aware of this when you purchase and enjoy a slice of devious pie without feeling guilty.

Doesn’t that just sound delicious? I can’t wait to read it. Blushing Apples premiered on September 1st.

Destiny Dawn can be reached a number of ways.


Author’s website

And Blushing Apples can be ordered here

Destiny Dawn

Thanks for visiting us today, Destiny!

Thank you

Everyone can rant about something, right? How about instead we take a minute to be thankful? That’s what I’d like to do today, anyway. I’ve done this before with huge success. By success, I mean the people I thanked (Pet, Husband, and Eye) were touched and honored by my thanks, and it meant a lot to them.

I’ve mentioned recently that I’ve been working with a group of authors on a small publishing projected called Heatstroke Press. You can find us here on Facebook. The authors (Sydney-Mae Baker, Belinda Burke, Raven Dark, Destiny Dawn, Ryan Kells, Brianna Lawrence, Jamie Steele, and myself) came together from a small private Facebook group called NaNoRotica, an erotic writer’s collective. I’m grateful for the Heatstroke project, and I’m grateful for all of the authors in the group.

Heatstroke is our small publishing group that is meant to help authors cross-publicize and build a readership. We believe that erotica writers can make a living writing, and endeavor to help our writers do just that–bring in a significant income through their writing. These writers are putting out some of the hottest erotica I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something. I believe they deserve to be read. Most of us are publishing short stories, because we are able to offer them at a lower price point and a higher heat level than a full length novel, which can be hard to infuse with sexiness at every turn, and which necessarily will be priced higher.

Without the Heatstroke Press authors, I would have stayed in my writing rut, which is to say, I wasn’t writing anything. Since we’ve started the project, I’ve written one 25 page short story (coming out on 9/15!) that’s super hot (more on this tomorrow) and I’m halfway through the sequel, which is also turning out to be super hot.

I’m grateful for you guys, too. My readers. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have anything. My royalty check says that someone out there is reading me, and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful. Writing is a labor of love, even writing erotica. I’m putting a piece of myself on display, leaving it out there and offering it up for other people to consume. It’s sometimes scary, sometimes embarrassing, and always nerve-wracking. I’m even grateful for the people who read my stuff and don’t love it. Those folks leave great feedback–that a story’s ending wasn’t conclusive enough, or that they wanted more heat, or whatever. I only grow from reviews, even if they sting a little.

So special thanks to everyone who’s lifted me up lately. You guys. Heatstroke authors. Pet and Husband as always.

I love you all.