Challenge #7 – A poem

Well good lord, we’ve come to the post that will tax my writing skills. (We’re also halfway through this writing challenge, and I’m having a freakin’ ball.) Since this challenge requests “a short poem” I’m going with the age-old classic, the haiku. It’s my favorite form of poetry, and it’s fun. I’ll give you a few of my bumbling attempts, a two silly, one a little more sincere.

Handsome man, green eyes
Spotted on the train tonight
Take him in my mind

He sees you standing
Across the courtyard, looking
edible in your skinny jeans
(Authorial note: This one made me laugh out loud. If you’ve ever read my published works, you’ll know I have a weird obsession with hipsters.)

Hot, wet, taut skin slides
Against one another’s flesh
Orgasm arrives