Good girl

Tonight’s story was meant to be another attempt at my “Bruised/Bitten” Kink Bingo fill because I’m just not satisfied with how the last one turned out. Unfortunately, it went a bit sideways. Tyler and Sarah are perpetually my favorite f/f couple to write about, partially because I feel like I know Tyler so well at this point, and partially because their dynamic speaks to me. In tonight’s selection, Tyler shows her love for Sarah by leaving her mark, literally.  Continue reading “Good girl”

Challenge #12 – Short Story – Held Down

This is my version of a short story – a flash piece that is a kink bingo square fill for “held down.” It’s also a f/f piece, since I’ve been promising one for quite some time.


“Stay,” Tyler ordered. The other woman nodded, eager to please, laying on the bed with her arms above her head. The room was silent except for the lazy, rhythmic humming of the ceiling fan. Tyler rose from the bed and stepped to the side, choosing her implements carefully from an array of tools. She ran her fingertips along a flogger that she’d had for years, her favorite canes, and a small wooden paddle, before settling on a medium sized dildo that would fit neatly into her harness. This would do nicely for tonight, she decided, though she felt it was a shame she wouldn’t have the opportunity to use all of the implements before her.

Sarah quivered with excitement, and Tyler could see the wetness slipping from between Sarah’s spread legs, making its way down to the sheets. Tyler moved the tool between her own legs and nested it into the ring that would hold it in place. As it settled in, she groaned with anticipation. She dipped down to place a kiss on Sarah’s mound, which had the woman writhing and arching her back. Tyler pressed Sarah’s legs back onto the mattress gently.

“Be still,” Tyler said, in a tone that left no room for argument.

Carefully, slowly at first, Tyler eased the cock between Sarah’s legs, pressed into her pussy. She moved incrementally, watching Sarah’s face as she did so. Sarah’s eyes were screwed shut and she breathed hard as Tyler watched her work to control herself. Sarah’s thighs trembled with effort as Tyler penetrated her. Without warning, Tyler thrust the last three inches of the cock deep into Sarah, eliciting a gasp of surprise.

Tyler took that as her cue, and she began fucking in earnest, thrusting into Sarah over and over again. Once she had a rhythm going, she moved her hands to Sarah’s breasts, pinching and teasing at her nipples while Sarah moaned below. After one particularly hard twist, Sarah’s hands shot up to Tyler’s back, pulling the woman down for a kiss. Tyler acquiesced, slowing her thrusting to kiss Sarah deeply. She moved her mouth to Sarah’s breast and hovered over it, breathing hot air on the nipple.

“I know what you want,” Tyler said after a long moment. “But do you really think you deserve my mouth after that stunt you just pulled?”

“I—” Sarah gasped. “No, ma’am.”

Tyler slapped Sarah neatly across the face, only hard enough to sting. “Next time, you’ll behave, won’t you?” Sarah nodded, looking away. Tyler took Sarah’s wrists, one in each hand, and pinned them to the bed. She picked up her thrusting again, continued to fuck into Sarah, and the other woman could do nothing but lay and enjoy it.

When the time came, Tyler, shifted so that one of her hands held both of Sarah’s, and she moved her free hand down to Sarah’s pussy, rubbing her clit furiously, pushing Sarah over the precipice. As Sarah’s orgasm crashed over her, she thrashed and arched her back, but never pulled her hands away. When she was finished, Tyler pulled out, again slowly, and lay back on the bed.

“Good girl. Now,” she said, pointing to her own aching pussy, “get to work.”


Tomorrow is release day and I’m beside myself with excitement. As a gift to you, I present Daniel and Mike in a flash fiction knife play story.


“Mike?” Daniel’s voice was dry and cracked in the dark as he reached out across the space separating their beds. “Mike, please.”

For his part, Mike was awake instantly, mind racing, heart pounding. Nothing could wake him up like his little brother calling his name, voice jagged with pain. “Danny? What is it, man?” He reached his arm across the gap and grabbed Daniel’s arm, gripping tight. He rolled over and snapped the light on.

“Mike,” Daniel gasped again, unable to get the words out, pressing a palm to his forehead, eyes screwed shut tight.

“Hey, hey, I gotcha.” His voice was sleep roughened, and his throat felt tight with anxiety. Reluctantly, he released Daniel’s arm and sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and shifting to sit next to his brother.

Daniel rolled over and pushed himself to sitting. His eyes screwed shut, he pressed his other palm to his forehead, holding tight like he thought his brain might explode if he didn’t grip it tightly enough. “I need it, Mike. I need you.”

Mike groaned. He didn’t want to do this, didn’t like to do it. It made him nervous, for so many reasons. But he knew it helped, and he’d do anything for this man. The long silver blade rested in the drawer in the table between the beds, where they always kept it these days, close at hand, just in case. It used to be the one they kept for safety, just to have a weapon close at hand, just in case. Now it was the blade that pierced Daniel’s skin on a rough night. Mike pulled it out.

“Give me your arm.”

Daniel slowly dropped an arm from his forehead, lay it forearm up on his knee. He seemed to be barely able to sit still, every few seconds letting out a small huff of exertion.

“Are you sure?” Mike hated to admit to the tremor he heard in his voice. “You sure you need it tonight? Can’t we do anything else?”

The look Daniel gave him said it all, eyes desperate, wild. “Look, if you’re not gonna —”

Mike held up a hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll do it.” He lifted the knife to Daniel’s bicep and dragged it through the skin gently, almost tenderly. Trailing fingers up, he held Daniel’s elbow, turned his arm so that the tenderest part of the arm was exposed, and pressed the point into the skin.

Daniel gasped and groaned. Mike could see his shoulders slump and his body start to relax.

Blood welled up at the tip and began to flow in a trickle towards Daniel’s elbow. He pressed harder and the blood flowed faster, dragging it up and across Daniel’s bicep, cutting a thin line that split the skin and beckoned blood into the light. Mike watched the blood ooze out of his brother and set the knife on the table, unwilling to admit to the heat pooling in his stomach.

Four by Flash #6 – Promise Kept

Another one for the flash challenge. This one was an attempt for my bingo square “dirty talk,” and while I don’t think it accomplished much in the way of dirty talk, it is still a lovely m/m/m scene, worth sharing. Daniel is a character I plan to see more of. I have quite a few pieces with him and Mike. I’m also working on a full length piece with Danny, separate from Jake and Mike. I hope you like him as much as I do.

Content warnings for explicit sex, dirty talk, language, and three men.


Mike stood behind Daniel, who was folded beautifully over the end of the bed with his ass in the air, both men completely naked. Mike trailed fingertips steady and sure along Daniel’s spine. Settled into the pillows at the top of the bed was Jacob, also naked, touching himself tentatively, watching in awe.

“Mike,” Daniel gasped, reaching a long arm back. “Come on. Please.” His leaking cock was pressed against the sheets, a desperate tremble in his thighs.

He slid one hand down to the cleft of Daniel’s ass, traced the line there. Impatient, Daniel arched back, pushing into Mike’s hand, trying to urge him into action. A sharp crack broke the air as the flat of Mike’s palm connected with Daniel’s ass, making a handprint blossom beautifully. Daniel groaned and rocked forward.

“You get what I give, not what you want, do you understand me?”

Daniel nodded, face buried in his arms.

“Good boy.” He coated his own thick cock with lube and pressed the head to Daniel’s entrance. Normally, he’d take time to open Daniel up himself, but tonight his instructions had been clear: Be ready when I get home.

Without further warning, he pushed all the way in, pressing pelvis tight against ass, wringing a low moan from Daniel. Jake murmured and tightened his grip.

As he began to thrust, Mike began to deliver on the promise he’d made. “You like it like this, don’t you, Danny? Being split open on my cock, completely helpless.” He sped up, digging fingertips into pale skin. “Such a pretty thing, so good, all ready and wet between the legs, just like I told you. Now here you are, getting fucked by your big brother while your best friend watches. Tell Jake how much you like being fucked like a little slut, how hard you are, how wet your cock is. And hearing about it, it sends you to the edge. You’re already so close, aren’t you Daniel? Answer me.”

“Yes, God yes.” His voice broke as he nodded and reached between his legs.

“Don’t touch yourself. That’s for me and Jake. You don’t get to touch it.” He gestured and Jake scooted closer. “Lift your head. You’re going to suck Jake off while I fuck you, and don’t you dare come.”

Daniel opened his mouth eagerly, and to Mike it looked as though Daniel was a starving man and Jake’s cock was his first meal in weeks.

“Look at you, filled at both ends, and can’t get enough. Poor little Daniel, stuffed with cock and just begging for it. Love to be fucked, love to be used like this, don’t you, Daniel?”

Jake came first, silently, undone by the litany of obscenities streaming from Mike’s mouth.

“Good job, now, don’t spill any of it, swallow every drop, the way you know he likes it, just like the hungry fucking slut you are. Show us how you can’t get enough.”

Mike was close behind and he let himself stop talking for his own orgasm, reward for a promise kept. Once he finished pulsing, he eased out, tumbled onto the bed, into the jumble of arms and legs that was Daniel and Jake. Mike lifted his face to Daniel, licked the curve of his neck, and pressed lips close to his ear.

“You did good.”

Daniel whimpered and nodded.

“Now for your reward. You want to come, or you want us to play with you for a while?”

Daniel lifted his head, eyes shining. Mike could read the answer there. It was going to be a good night.