Good girl

Tonight’s story was meant to be another attempt at my “Bruised/Bitten” Kink Bingo fill because I’m just not satisfied with how the last one turned out. Unfortunately, it went a bit sideways. Tyler and Sarah are perpetually my favorite f/f couple to write about, partially because I feel like I know Tyler so well at this point, and partially because their dynamic speaks to me. In tonight’s selection, Tyler shows her love for Sarah by leaving her mark, literally.  Continue reading “Good girl”

Challenge #12 – Short Story – Held Down

This is my version of a short story – a flash piece that is a kink bingo square fill for “held down.” It’s also a f/f piece, since I’ve been promising one for quite some time.


“Stay,” Tyler ordered. The other woman nodded, eager to please, laying on the bed with her arms above her head. The room was silent except for the lazy, rhythmic humming of the ceiling fan. Tyler rose from the bed and stepped to the side, choosing her implements carefully from an array of tools. She ran her fingertips along a flogger that she’d had for years, her favorite canes, and a small wooden paddle, before settling on a medium sized dildo that would fit neatly into her harness. This would do nicely for tonight, she decided, though she felt it was a shame she wouldn’t have the opportunity to use all of the implements before her.

Sarah quivered with excitement, and Tyler could see the wetness slipping from between Sarah’s spread legs, making its way down to the sheets. Tyler moved the tool between her own legs and nested it into the ring that would hold it in place. As it settled in, she groaned with anticipation. She dipped down to place a kiss on Sarah’s mound, which had the woman writhing and arching her back. Tyler pressed Sarah’s legs back onto the mattress gently.

“Be still,” Tyler said, in a tone that left no room for argument.

Carefully, slowly at first, Tyler eased the cock between Sarah’s legs, pressed into her pussy. She moved incrementally, watching Sarah’s face as she did so. Sarah’s eyes were screwed shut and she breathed hard as Tyler watched her work to control herself. Sarah’s thighs trembled with effort as Tyler penetrated her. Without warning, Tyler thrust the last three inches of the cock deep into Sarah, eliciting a gasp of surprise.

Tyler took that as her cue, and she began fucking in earnest, thrusting into Sarah over and over again. Once she had a rhythm going, she moved her hands to Sarah’s breasts, pinching and teasing at her nipples while Sarah moaned below. After one particularly hard twist, Sarah’s hands shot up to Tyler’s back, pulling the woman down for a kiss. Tyler acquiesced, slowing her thrusting to kiss Sarah deeply. She moved her mouth to Sarah’s breast and hovered over it, breathing hot air on the nipple.

“I know what you want,” Tyler said after a long moment. “But do you really think you deserve my mouth after that stunt you just pulled?”

“I—” Sarah gasped. “No, ma’am.”

Tyler slapped Sarah neatly across the face, only hard enough to sting. “Next time, you’ll behave, won’t you?” Sarah nodded, looking away. Tyler took Sarah’s wrists, one in each hand, and pinned them to the bed. She picked up her thrusting again, continued to fuck into Sarah, and the other woman could do nothing but lay and enjoy it.

When the time came, Tyler, shifted so that one of her hands held both of Sarah’s, and she moved her free hand down to Sarah’s pussy, rubbing her clit furiously, pushing Sarah over the precipice. As Sarah’s orgasm crashed over her, she thrashed and arched her back, but never pulled her hands away. When she was finished, Tyler pulled out, again slowly, and lay back on the bed.

“Good girl. Now,” she said, pointing to her own aching pussy, “get to work.”

Challenge #9 – A Love Story

Callie wasn’t sure she’d made the right choice for tonight. She was surrounded by bodies moving to a beat she found tolerable at best. Instead, she could have been at home, binge watching stupid Lifetime movies and working on her latest craft project, a dress she was sewing. But tonight, she had the distinct privilege of watching Sarah dance uninhibitedly as her third favorite band played. Callie hadn’t heard of the band before. Let’s face it, she thought, I’d do anything for her. Particularly if it meant seeing the other girl like this, sweaty and enraptured. Frankly, she’d sit quietly and watch Sarah read for hours, if it meant Callie could be near her.

Sarah knew none of this, of course. Callie would die if Sarah knew how deep her interest ran, because she was fairly certain Sarah was not into girls at all. It didn’t really matter. Callie was just happy to be allowed into Sarah’s circle, such as it was. Sarah didn’t have many friends, not since Laura moved away last year. This was what led to Callie being invited to come along to the concert tonight.

It wasn’t that bad, honestly. Not really Callie’s thing, but she could see the appeal. The beat drove the entire room to dance, jumping in time, the crowd screaming the lyrics along with the music. She started to relax into it, seduced by how comfortable and joyous Sarah was. A song began that Callie was surprised to discover she knew the lyrics to, and she began to sing along. Just as she began to really get into it, belting the lyrics with the rest of the crowd and bopping to the beat, Sarah turned to face her.

Callie’s heart stopped, or it felt like that anyway. Sarah’s face was glowing, covered in a sheen of sweat, a smile plastered across it. Callie was suddenly overwhelmed by the need to touch her, and she reached out and grasped Sarah’s hand. Sarah’s grip tightened around Callie’s hand as their fingers intertwined, but she made no move to draw away. It suddenly felt as if they were in their own bubble, a private space among the mass of people. Callie’s heart beat in her throat. What did this mean, after all? They stayed like that for the next three songs, locked together, Callie afraid to loosen her grip even a bit, lest Sarah let go.

Finally the band announced their last song, a high energy number that had Callie and Sarah both dancing so hard they almost lost their grip on one another. As the song wound down, Callie knew she had one shot. She tugged at Sarah’s hand, pulling her close. They stayed that way for a long second, as the band shouted their goodbye, face to face, barely a breath between them. Callie reluctantly released Sarah’s hand and placed both of hers on Sarah’s cheeks. She drew Sarah in and placed a kiss on her lips so tenderly that it felt like a whisper. Sarah responded by leaning forward, opening her mouth, and sliding her tongue against Callie’s.

The kiss felt like food to a starving man, like something Callie had always needed and could never go without again. Callie finally understood what it meant to fell fireworks. Her stomach felt as if an entire flock of butterflies had taken up residence there.

When they parted, Callie was breathing heavily. Sarah just nodded. They were gently jostled by the departing crowd, but neither girl especially cared. Callie had a hundred questions, a thousand, for Sarah. Instead of asking anything, though, she just grinned like a fool in love. She saw her own euphoria reflected in Sarah’s eyes and smile.

It was Sarah to break first. She exhaled with a huff and asked one of the questions Callie had been thinking.

“Want to get out of here?”

Callie did.