30 Posts of Kink – first kinky experience

Today’s topic is to write about my very first kinky experience, or if I haven’t had one, to write about one I’d like to have. I can speak to experience. I can’t remember my first one with the Husband, because we’ve been together for a very long time, almost half my life, and that’s a lot to think back on. I can┬áremember my introduction to impact play with Pet, because that was very recently, so I’ll write on that.

We went to a party at a couple friend’s house at which “play” is accepted and often happens. The lady of the house, for lack of a better term, is an experienced kinkster and a skilled instructor. Pet asked her for some guidance and assistance, and she took us into a back room and had her service girl get out all of her impact play toys. She demonstrated them one by one, telling me about each one and how it feels to the bottom. After taking a few strikes of her own (on Pet), she handed the tool to me and encouraged me to try. I learned that night which tools I liked and didn’t like, and which tools Pet liked and didn’t.

That night was illuminating for me because I learned so much. It seems like a simple thing, the fact that this woman took a half hour out of her night to teach me, but my confidence grew and the things I learned have brought Pet and me closer together.

Do you have any kinky experiences to share?