Proof It

I wanted to use this blog post to give a few publication updates. Since I posted last, we’ve gone through several rounds of edits, including three rounds of content editing, line edits, proofreading, final edits, and galley edits. I posted a bit about content editing before, so I won’t rehash that. Line edits are conducted by a line editor, and they’re designed to make sure you have continuity and clarity. Luckily, there weren’t many changes to be made during line edits. The proofreading was the next step, and that was exactly as it sounds. An editor went over the piece looking for extra spaces, missing punctuation, italics in the wrong place, mistaken grammar, and so forth. After proofing, we went back and did one final round of content editing, which had a surprising number of things we changed. I had expected to find nothing in the final round, but it was almost as strenuous as the second round of content editing.

Today I approved the galleys. I received PDF files of the book yesterday and read through them carefully to make sure I didn’t see any mistakes. Of course I found a dozen things I wanted to change, but in the name of not editing myself to death, I chose to leave them all alone. I hope you all don’t judge me too harshly if you notice any sentences where you think, “Wow, her word choice could really have been better.” Or is that just me? No? Anyone?

Another thing I’ve had to do is approve cover art. I’m super excited about this because I’ve long wanted a visual representation of my novel. It’s got a man on the cover with exactly the right body type for Ryder, and his guitar is included – a red Les Paul.

The book, Falling Apart, will be released on February 6th from MLR Press.  As soon as I have a purchase link, you’ll be hearing about it!