Guest Post: Destiny Dawn’s Blushing Apples

A warm welcome to Heatstroke Press author Destiny Dawn today, whose book is taking over this blog with a post about a new erotic short,  Blushing Apples. I have to say, this book sounds HOT.

Blushing Apples Cover

First off, isn’t her cover beautiful? It definitely piques my interest!

Elana really can’t help herself when she steals the first bite and it’s all downhill from there. After seeing the fruit every day, she thought one would be enough, but to her flustered surprise it’s not. All she can think about is the succulent apple in her hand and the taste across her lips. She hungers for more, and is willing to do anything for another taste.

Warning: This book contains situations involving feeding and threesomes. This book is fully adult and contains graphic descriptions of sex. Please be aware of this when you purchase and enjoy a slice of devious pie without feeling guilty.

Doesn’t that just sound delicious? I can’t wait to read it. Blushing Apples premiered on September 1st.

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Destiny Dawn

Thanks for visiting us today, Destiny!