Whiskey and Wishes

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Today’s the day! Not long ago, I committed to join the Rainbow Advent Calendar, hosted by Alex Jane. The game is, each day from December 1st through 24th two LGBTQ+ authors will post a story – at least 500 words, but as long as novel length – that will be available for free the duration of December. One post will happen each day at 6am GMT and 6pm GMT, and we were sworn to strict secrecy about our day.

And today’s my day!

I’m delighted to share with you Whiskey and Wishes, a 10.5k word short story that takes place in the Young Spades universe and even features an appearance by Young Spades themselves, as well as one of the side characters.

This story follows Jeremy and Kyle, who meet at a bar and jump into a one-night stand. But what happens when neither of them has the heart to say it’s over the next morning?

To read other stories in the advent calendar, visit the masterlist or the Facebook group.

And to find out what happens with Jeremy and Kyle, click on this Prolific Works link!

Title: Whiskey and Wishes

Word Count: 10,500ish

Rating: Explicit

What to expect: professor/student, one night stand, HEA

I hope you enjoy!

WhiskeyWishes (1)

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