Young Spades coming soon!

I’ve been toiling tirelessly (like that alliteration?) since November, and the Young Spades series will be launching in September. Phew! It’s on my landing page, but here’s some info for ya:

Book 1, Pulling Strings will be out on 9/5. Have a blurb, shall we?

Aristotle “Ari” Dineen, Jr. thinks he doesn’t deserve love. Ari has bipolar disorder and parents who don’t understand his challenges. Falling in love isn’t on the playlist for a guy like him, someone running from his past and so uncertain about his future.

Shane Beckett doesn’t have time for things like love. He’s busy – giving music lessons, finishing his senior year, and oh yeah, he’s the lead singer of up and coming indie rock band, Young Spades.

A cup of beer, a music history class, and a pack of cigarettes changes everything.

As Ari and Shane are about to find out, despite having a lack of time or the confidence to believe they can make it work, love has a way of pulling them in and rocking their worlds.

Facing the Beat will be released 10/1, and Tuning it Out will be released 10/31. Below are the covers.

Young Spades Series

If you’re interested in more info, or signing up to receive an ARC, sign up for my newsletter. ARCs will only be available to newsletter subscribers and other reviewers, but I will share lots of info on the blog and home page as I am able.

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