Making Changes


So another part of the VRW workshop that I truly enjoyed was having lunch with Marie Cole, another romance writer and a friend of mine. I’ve mentioned her on here before, as a matter of fact. We had a cozy little lunch at a Mexican place in the city and I enjoyed every moment of it. I learned a lot, and as a result, I have a lot to think about.

Marie has been publishing for about as long as I have, and has close to the same number of books out (she has a few more than I do), but has a grip on the publishing world significantly better than I do. As a result, she’s teaching me a lot, and she’s convincing me that there are better ways to do this thing. What that means is, my 2018 plan is changing.

My new goal is to publish a trilogy for you this fall, the Young Spades series. It will follow a group of college-aged men who are in a band together (was there any doubt?), and their romantic experiences. We will start with Shane and Ari. Their story was written during NaNo last year. Shane is the lead singer and bass guitarist of the band, Young Spades, an indie rock band in Boulder. Following Shane’s story will be Liam, the lead guitarist of Young Spades, and closing out the trilogy will be Trick, the keyboardist. (There is a drummer, but she’s a woman, so her love stories are not particularly my genre.)

I am still working on my enemies-to-lovers story, but that will be put on the back burner for now. It may get worked on after the Young Spades series is finished. And of course, my sequel to Falling Apart is still in progress, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on that one, so it, too, will be taking a backseat. (As I type this, I realize that every novel I’ve mentioned involves at least one musician… I guess I have a type!) I may also do some work with my existing titles in terms of re-releasing them, and I’ll keep you as updated as possible as that unfolds.

I still hope to attend GRL this year if it’s in the cards, and continue my own professional development, but I will be seriously focusing on getting this trilogy ready to be published in the fall, and continuing a tight publication schedule thereafter. (I’ve discussed on this blog before my struggles with not publishing as prolifically as I’d like.)

So that’s my update for you today. Things are seriously changing in my grand plan, and I hope to take my readers along for the ride with me!

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