An Unintentional Erotica Writer


How did I become an erotica writer? That’s an interesting question. Someone on the Passionate Ink Facebook group recently posted a blog about how she accidentally became an erotica writer, and I related to it so much that I thought I’d do the same.

So how did I become an erotica writer, anyway? Well, it goes like this:

Back in 2012, I started participating “for real” in NaNoWriMo (I say for real because the previous year, I forgot I was participating, so I don’t count that). I created a Facebook group for my local area, and earnestly worked on a YA dystopia that I still swear that I will finish one day. I simultaneously became very good friends with another local mom, who had a kid the same age as mine, and who fangirled over the same things I fangirled over.

In the spring of 2013, we were sharing fanfic with one another when she asked me one day if, being a writer, I’d ever consider writing fanfic. I couldn’t imagine it. But that wasn’t the end of it. I couldn’t stop thinking about that, the possibility that I could write smut. So, after a lot of hemming and hawing, I agreed. I’d write one tiny story for her in our shared fandom and that would be the end of it. Right? Wrong.

She loved it. Of course, we were good enough friends that I figure she probably would have loved it even if it were trash. But regardless, she loved it and asked for more. So I delivered. I turned it into more. Eventually, it became about 13,000 words, just three long scenes that involved a lot of sex and a passable story arc. This was during Camp NaNo and took place over about 3 days. I was on fire.

I shared it with another friend, who also loved it, and demanded I do something with it. So, after another lot of hemming and hawing, I agreed to de-fic-ify it and turn it into an original work. Once that was done, I took the leap and submitted it to a publisher.

They said no.

I was pretty crushed, but in fairness, a rejection on your first submission is not only not surprising, but almost to be expected. And also in fairness, it wasn’t an actual rejection, it was a revise-and-resubmit request, which I know now is actually huge. It took me a long time to not be bitter and angry about the suggestions the editor made–of course I thought she was wrong at every turn initially–but I realized soon that her suggestions would make it a much stronger book. Eventually I came around to the idea of revisions.

So I did. I did revise and resubmit. It took me nearly a year to do it, but I did it. And–to my great surprise–the work was accepted. The boys you know and love as Ryder Sullivan and Billy Cunningham in Falling Apart started out as 13,000 words of fanfic written for a friend. That book was finally published in February of 2015, which means it took almost two full years from the day I started writing to the day it hit shelves.

After that, I was sort of addicted. I kept on writing fanfic, and my second published work, Nurse’s Orders, was another such event. It was something a friend read and said, “Where’s the rest?” to. And when “the rest” was delivered, she said, “This is too good not to share. You have to turn this into something.” So I did, again, and this time it was picked up right away. Two more (original, this time) works came soon after.

Then, as you know, I sort of fell off a cliff. Not literally, of course, but enough that I stopped writing for a while. A long while.

But no matter. I’m back now. My current WIP involves Shane Beckett and Ari Dinneen, Junior, college lovers. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

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