A little help


For me, as a writer, there is nothing like getting a little help from my writer’s group. I really “tossed and turned” over what to write about today, with a handful of topics I was only semi-excited about, until this happened.

So basically, I am struggling with one particular spot of my WIP, Pulling Strings. It’s about two college guys, Shane and Ari, who meet and fall in love, in the face of chaos. In any case, Shane is an indie rock musician, and my critique partner suggested, very convincingly, that I needed to include lines from the major song referenced throughout the story.

I believed her, but I am not a songwriter. “Just write a poem!” people said. “Songs are just poetry set to music.”

I’m also not a poet.

So I put out a call for help. I posted on my local writer’s Facebook group, begging for someone to take mercy on me and help me, give me a starting point, some tips, anything. Ultimately, what happened was one of the writers got very excited and drafted a song for me, for Shane.

I could not be more excited. It is beautiful. At least, in my estimation. It took me a long time to figure out which particular verse to use, and I ended up choosing to just include the chorus, but I am so, so excited to share this with you guys eventually. I don’t want to give it away now, not yet, until I am sure that we have worked out all of the kinks, so to speak, but I am definitely excited.

So there’s that.

I also spent a good two+ hours last night with Marie Cole, a local m/f romance writer whom I really respect and admire. We’re motivational buddies, and we are working on meeting weekly to keep each other “honest” in the face of procrastination. It really helped me to set aside time to work on Shane and Ari’s story, finish up the first round of edits, and focus. Plus, it’s always nice to have a writer buddy around so if you do the “writer desperation” thing where you put your head and in your hands and sigh, they can say, “How can I help?” and give ideas. Marie helped me retool a scene between Shane and his stepsister, Brooke, in a way that made things work. I’m really happy with it.

Lots of good things come from having writing buddies, both near and far. I highly recommend it for any writer. Finding writing buddies can be tricky. I’ll talk more about that next time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the value of writing buddies, and how you find them as well!

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