Queer as Folk – 13 years late


Okay, okay, I admit it. I am 13 years late to Queer as Folk.

Well, truth be told, I’m not that late. In, oh, the early 2000s, I was *mumblemumble* years old, and I would sneak watching it in my very conservative parents’ house. But a few months ago, in my very own house, I sat there, flipping through Netflix, desperately looking for a good LGBT+ show to watch. I was honestly looking for something I found on some random listicle, but it wasn’t available, and the always-helpful Netflix suggested QAF instead. I was delighted.

Watching it was a bit like revisiting my youth, remembering those days before I understood myself, I watched Justin and Brian fall in love. Before I understood that I have a particular attraction to the lives of gay men, before I really understood that I was queer and what that meant to me, I knew that I loved this show. So I indulged myself, and started watching.

Somewhere along the way, my husband joined me. We had been watching something dark and intense, and one night I asked him to give me a reprieve and to watch QAF instead, and he got hooked. Along the way, he did mention “this is the gayest show I’ve ever watched,” and remarked at the high number of penises seen in the later seasons, but other than that, we both enjoyed it immensely.

In any case, we recently finished the series. I am pretty sad about it, not just because of the ending (no spoilers here!), which was appropriate and true to character, but because I miss them already.

It also made me want to write a love story like Brian and Justin’s. I love them both individually (even though Brian’s a bit of an asshole) – something my husband will never understand. I think missing seasons 1 and 2 really set him back on the loving Brian train.

In any case, now I’m on the hunt for something relatively light to watch. What shows do YOU love? Bonus points if they have an LGBT+ slant.

4 thoughts on “Queer as Folk – 13 years late”

  1. Never watched the US version, but the original UK version was excellent and had a fabulous sound track.

    It’s also short, I think maybe 10 episodes across 2 seasons. Was produced & written by former Doctor Who showrunner Russel T Davies, and starred Littlefinger from Game of Thrones as Stuart Alan Jones (I think that’s the equivalent of Brian Kinney).

    Seek it out! Recommended.


    1. I learned about the UK version in my research after I started re-watching the US version! It looks like Charlie Hunnam was in it, too? (He’s from Sons of Anarchy, right?) I’ll have to check it out. 🙂


  2. Yep, he’s the lead of Son’s of Anarchy, and plays the “Justin” role on QAF UK. Ig might also be the last time he had a convincing accent on camera, since he’s using his real one…


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