That would be a win

So. I chalked up another NaNoWriMo win this weekend. I didn’t doubt that I would, as I’m super competitive with myself. This year I challenged myself to finish earlier than ever, and I accomplished that goal. Now I’m extending the plan by  writing every day in November. I’ve also been lucky to find several new friends who would like to be Beta reading buddies/critique partners, and we’re working on figuring out that new relationship arrangement. I’m very excited. I’m taking this time in my life to dedicate more time to writing and become a more serious professional (as evidenced by my joining RWA, for one).

The sequel came out much better this time around, and I think you’ll enjoy it. We have a new supporting (but very important) character, meet Billy’s parents, and there’s a special surprise at the end.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ryder stopped abruptly. “Roll over.”
“What? I—” Billy protested.
“I’m serious. Roll over.”
“But I was getting so close.”
“Like I give a shit. Roll your ass over.”

I’m pretty pleased with how this one turned out. I hope you enjoy it as well!

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