Remarkably well

Another short one – I have a date tonight to watch American Horror Story with one of my besties – but I wanted to check in on the NaNo front with you all. It’s going remarkably well. I hit 20k yesterday, which I didn’t think I was going to do, and I’m farther ahead than I’ve ever been. Six days ahead, to be exact.

The downside is, I’m hitting the slump early. I’m feeling it, that mid-novel fatigue, and I’m tempted to switch to something else just for a bit to reinvigorate myself, but the only other WIP I have right now is handwritten, and I hate counting words by hand.

In any case, Billy and Ryder’s story is proceeding apace – lots of angst and relationship drama and uncertainty. Rest assured that they will get their HEA in the end (else it wouldn’t be a romance novel), and all will be well in Falling Apart land.

Speaking of which, I need a title for this sequel. I’m the worst at titling things. My working title is Coming Together – too cheesy? It’s not meant to be a double entendre, though I suppose it could be, if one wanted to look at it that way.

Regardless, NaNo is coming along remarkably well for me. How’s it going for you?

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