Pre NaNoWriMo planning

​Well, it’s that time again, and NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’ve played seriously every year since 2012 (I not-seriously joined in 2011, and wrote about 2,000 words), and won every time. I’ve also won a few Camps, including the Camp during which I wrote Falling Apart, though I haven’t done every camp since I started. So anyway, I’ll be playing again this year.

This year I have big plans. Big, big plans. I’ve converted from being a pantser to a plotter, which is a big change, though it took lots of time. I started using the Snowflake Method about two years ago, on my first attempt at a sequel to Falling Apart. It was a terrible piece of work, truly, and I have not attempted to resurface it or edit it at all. Looking back, it was too melodramatic and contrived, and involved an ex boyfriend of Ryder’s surfacing to mess up Ryder and Billy’s happy relationship. I didn’t like the introduction of another person as a roadblock to their relationship, because I didn’t want there to be any implications of cheating. But still, I wrote it, while editing Falling Apart for MLR for that matter.

Back to my plans: I’m once again entering the world of Falling Apart to play with Ryder and Billy.

There’s something about those two that just won’t let me go. In my other stories, I have no problem giving the characters a send-off and never hearing from them again, but not Billy and Ryder. They just won’t stop. So this year, I’m throwing a different complication at them, and I’m going to attempt to craft it into something worthy of your attention. We can thank Eye for the complication. I emailed her with a plea: “Give me a plot!” and she responded with seven words that formed the basis for this novel. (Those seven words will remain a secret until I decide whether this novel is worth publication.)

I’ve really enjoyed the Snowflake Method this year. In the past, I’ve only taken bits and pieces of it, just done the first few steps to give myself a few bones to chew on. This year, I’ve taken it almost all the way through, and I have a full skeleton. I even have a list of each scene that needs to happen and whose POV it’s coming from.

The husband is dedicated to my NaNo success again this year, going so far as to call November “your month” – the month during which he will shoulder a lot of the childcare while I go to write-ins galore.

I look forward to NaNo this year, and I hope you are too! Feel free to share your project in the comments!

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