Tomorrow is Gishwhes. What is Gishwhes? Go to for more information, but briefly put, Gishwhes is a big crazy scavenger hunt. It’s an international shindig, and our team spans from Argentina to Alaska, with stops in Virginia, Deleware, and New York. 

Last year, items ranged from the silly (take video of yourself getting people to sign a petition to save the endangered unicorns), to the artistic (create a dress out of construction paper), to the kind (sell hugs, donate the money), to the impossible  (get gishwhes in space). 

My team of 15 is called GishteenCandles and we will be meeting tomorrow to strategize and plan, and then carry out our tasks. It will be a long, exhausting, grueling week of madness and mayhem. 

Gishwhes is great fun and I look forward to it every year. I can’t wait to share with you guys the craziness. I can’t share tasks until after the hunt, but soon you’ll see. 

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