I have been reflecting on things I’m thankful for lately, and here are some of them, in no particular order:

1. Husband. He’s my rock, as it were. He’s always there for me, patient to a fault, and gives me the leeway I need to discover who I am. Whether that person is someone who quits her day job with no prospects, someone who writes erotica, or someone who comes home with a blue mohawk (true!), he respects and supports me. I’m grateful to call him mine. 

2. You. Dear readers, you’re sticking with me through feast and famine, through drought and downpour, and for that, I’m grateful. Writing isn’t easy, and for my slightly-more-than-slightly ill mind, writing comes and goes. I’m grateful to have a readership at all, under these circumstances, and I see the statistics – you’re here even when I’m not. Thank you. 

3. Little Man. Kids are a strange breed, friends. My baby factory is closed for good, so there shall be no more babies, but children are just wild. They’re a rollercoaster ride. Little Man is also patient with me, takes my bad days in stride (which he shouldn’t have to do, but he does), and loves me as unconditionally as I love him. I can hardly wait to see what kind of adult he becomes. I just hope he’s as cool as Christopher Rice.

4. My job. This is probably an odd one, considering I’m not out at my job (as bisexual or in a semi open marriage or as a writer), but I do love my day job. It pays the bills, I’m happy and valued, and I feel I do important work. It’s a remarkable change from my previous job (which is tragicomic if you know what I did at my previous job).

5. Writing. I’m so so thankful for a brain that works (intermittently) the way mine does. Would I prefer to write the next Great American Novel? Maybe. If that novel could be about gay men loving each other. But that will never be so, and I’m fine with that. I love what I write, I love making people happy, and I love the boys in my stories. 

6. My ancient dog. She really is very old (past her life expectancy by 1-3 years), but still kicking. 

7. The Awesomely Awesome. I dedicated a book to them. These women are my best friends, and love me unconditionally. They get to see the ugliest parts of me, and don’t mind at all. 

8. My WriMo group. These friends I made during NaNoWriMo meetups for my area, and I adore them. They worked with me to find a publisher, and push me to be the best writer I can be.

9. Eye. Her nickname is slightly odd, but no matter. She read Nurse’s Orders and asked for more. She practically forced me to submit Falling Apart to MLR, and did a happy dance for me when they asked for revisions, rather than rejecting outright. She convinced me that writing IS something I’m good at, and she pushes me to keep writing, even when I’m down.

10. Technology. It’s a cheap shot, but without technology, I’d be nowhere. 

Thank you for reading. Goodnight. 

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