Fitting In

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to fit in lately. Job hunting has given me a whole new perspective on this subject. I used to be the kid who always tried to fit in, no matter how unsuccessful I was. I liked fitting in, blending in, not standing out. It’s a knee-jerk reaction based on the way my family was growing up, I suppose. You were far better off if you fit in and didn’t stand out in any way.

As an adult, I’ve mostly shed that burden, and I am much more true to myself now. I have blue hair, a nose ring, and tattoos. I wouldn’t call myself very edgy in any way – I’m really just a soccer mom who looks a little less like a soccer mom than most people. (I guess technically I’m a swimming mom, but that’s beside the point.) My tattoos aren’t extravagant, or even very visible when I’m fully clothed for summer. In winter, you can’t see them at all. My nose ring is definitely visible, but it’s practically a part of my face at this point. As for my hair, I prefer purples and dark blues, which all fade out to a pale blue, so that’s sort of my default color.

When I go in for my interview this week, I’ll be backing off of my hair and nose ring. I’ll dye my hair a normal brown today. I’ll swap out my nose ring for something more low profile. My tattoos will be covered. I’ll basically go conservative for the interview. Once my 90 day period is up, assuming I ever get a job, I’ll be more likely to revert back to my usual self – dyed hair and all. Of course, I’m not one to rock the boat, so I might not. I hate asking permission for things, and I also hate doing things without permission. I’m a mystery.

Erotica is something nobody will take from me though. Building chairs, as I put it last week, isn’t as exciting as I had hoped it would be, but it’s going well. I have two stories releasing soon, and two more in progress, and a third in the outlining stage. Lots of good writing going on. I know that writing erotica isn’t the most conservative of pastimes, but that won’t stop me. With a pen name, it shouldn’t impact my actual day to day job at all.

Speaking of pen names, Pet is writing again! I’m so proud of him. Over 5k in less than a week, where our arrangement is that he’s to write 1k a week minimum. And Pet is looking for a good pen name, so expect to see me spreading the love once Pet decides on who he’s going to be.

So, dear readers, where do you fit in? Do you fit a mold, or are you a black sheep? Do you care? Are there benefits to fitting in? Standing out? What would you do if you were me?

2 thoughts on “Fitting In”

  1. Black, black, black sheep. It hurts most of the time because, even though I know they are kind of jerks, I feel lonely. It almost makes me want to go out and buy a gun and vote for Trump. Almost.


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