Guest Post: Belinda Burke’s Sophie by the Sea

Wow, we’ve just got all kinds of guests lined up this week. I’ll even have another one on Friday. My Heatstroke authors are all in their “new release” period and would love for you guys to hear a little about their books. Today, I’ll talk about Sophie by the Sea by Belinda Burke.

Here’s the blurb for Sophie:

Sophie has returned to her normal life – to the sea, and to her photography. She’s spent as little time as possible thinking about her encounter with Luka and his pack, if only to keep herself from wistful thoughts. There may be magic in the world, but so far as she can see it won’t make any more difference in her life.
So far as she can see, however, isn’t far enough. Sophie may think things have returned to business as usual, but the ocean has a surprise for her. A shark, who can take the shape of a man. A shark who calls himself Theron, and who can reach out and touch Sophie’s mind.
Theron is the lord of the sea, and he sees her only as his woman, soft and beautiful. He wants to touch her, taste her, take her…and then keep her, if she can pass his test. If not, shifter though he is, Theron is more shark than man. Sophie might be in terrible danger…
But that doesn’t mean she can resist.
Wow, that one sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m really looking forward to reading it. An excerpt after the cut.

“Who—no, what are you?”
The man’s smile became a smirk, and Sophie shivered, aroused enough for him to smell it on her now. “Luka. The wolf of the mountain, even if that’s not the shape I’m wearing tonight. What’s your name, woman?”
This time, she answered. “Sophie. I was photographing sharks, but we came here for the day to—”
She reacted to the sudden roughness of his voice with a deepening of arousal, a sharpening in her scent. “Just—just the team from the magazine I work with! I’m not—I mean, I didn’t come with…anyone special.”
Her voice trailed off and he slid his grip from her hand up her arm, turned her face up to look at him and traced the shape of her mouth with his thumb. “Good.” Her lips parted under his touch, and she leaned against him, pressed her breasts against his chest. “Very good, Sophie.” When he pulled away from her, this time her expression was disappointed, but he held back his laughter. “You’ll come with us now.”
For an instant, she hesitated. “Why do you want me? I can tell you’re not normal, I know you’re not lying—”
“I felt you watching me, and not like humans do. Like a—almost like a shark does. You’re…a werewolf. And I’ve been hoping there was something like you in the world, even if…but anyway, it’s not like I’m the only woman here. Or the most beautiful—”
Luka laughed at her, but softly. She’d been hoping, had she? Interesting. “You’re the perfect woman for us tonight, Sophie.”
Well, I’m hooked.
You can find Sophie here and Belinda here.
Don’t forget to report back once you’ve read it!

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