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Today’s the release day for Group Effort! I’m so excited that I think I’ll post an excerpt. First, the blurb again: Andrew Collins hates the boredom of working as a mail clerk. It doesn’t help that Andrew’s domineering boss, Cole Whitfield, enjoys making him miserable. When Cole catches him being naughty on the job, Andrew is faced with a choice, spend one night as the entertainment for Cole and his friends or look for another job. Can Andrew handle four men at once or will he run from the chance at a night he’ll never forget?

Excerpt after the jump.

Cole clicked on the television, and on the screen was a gay porn video, two nude men making out and rubbing each other’s cocks. Andrew felt his own cock begin to stiffen in his jeans, and he almost whispered at it that it was a traitor.

“Have a seat, please. Make yourself comfortable.”

Andrew kicked off his shoes and perched on the foot of the bed. His dick was getting harder, and he could barely keep from rubbing it. Not only was Cole Whitfield smoking hot, but if this wasn’t leading to sex, it was the worst set-up ever. He started to wonder if he was going to be expected to watch Cole and the other man have sex, or clean up after them, or something, not that that explained the others. His mind raced until Whitfield approached him, parted his knees, and slid between them. Cole pressed his body against Andrew’s and took Andrew’s face in one hand. He pulled gently, and they kissed.

The kiss was incredible, all tongue and lips and teeth in a way that made Andrew’s cock throb as Cole bit at his bottom lip and came back for more, sliding their tongues together. He could feel Cole’s groin pressed against his through layers of denim, and he could tell that Cole was hard, too. Oh thank God, Andrew thought. I’m not alone. Although what Cole Whitfield would want out of an office lackey, Andrew couldn’t guess. He could get dick anywhere he wanted, after all.

When Cole pulled back, Andrew noticed that there were three other men in the room. Michael was there, accompanied by two others, also shirtless, one a slender blonde, shorter than both Cole and Michael, and the other dark-haired, slightly softer in build, and the shortest by several inches. “Ah, thank you for joining us, gentlemen,” Cole said, sounding not the least bit concerned. For a moment, there were no sounds in the room except for the moaning on the TV. “Andrew, you’ve met Michael. The others are Derrick,” the blonde waved, “and Vince,” the dark-haired man nodded. “They will be joining us. Let’s begin, shall we? Make yourself comfortable, Andrew. Move all the way up to the head of the bed and remove your clothing.”

“I–” Andrew started, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Remember,” Cole said, “you have a choice. You can walk out of this room at any time, and I will not be angry. You will face no repercussions besides the loss of your job.”

That was no small consequence, and it occurred to Andrew that some people might consider this sexual harassment. He knew that he was lucky enough that Whitfield was even considering letting him keep his job, though, and besides, the guys were all pretty hot. It might be harassment, but he found that he didn’t mind terribly. He wondered how bad it could possibly be, an orgy with a bunch of good looking men, that Cole would repeatedly offer him a way out.

His rock hard cock throbbed, and reminded him that it was feeling neglected, and Andrew made up his mind. He was going to go for it, despite the nerves coursing through his body. He shed his shirt, socks, and jeans, dropping them on the floor. He had decided not to wear boxers that night, so he was completely nude when he made his way to lean against the pillows, dick bobbing up against his stomach.

Cole’s eyes fluttered closed and he sighed deeply. “The rest of you may make yourselves comfortable as well.” Without hesitation, the other men disrobed, each folding his clothes and leaving them on the floor.

“You never fail to bring home the good ones, Cole,” Vince said as he tugged his shirt over his head. “This one’s so pretty and young. You sure he’s legal?”

Andrew’s stomach lurched with the realization that he wasn’t the first. I wonder if he does this often.

Cole rolled his eyes. “Vince, do you honestly think I’d invite someone to be our guest if I weren’t one hundred percent sure of his legality?”

Vince laughed. “Come on, Cole, just kidding. No reason to get all lawyer-y on me. We all know you’ve got the biggest dick, no need to show it off.” Andrew liked Vince, his sassiness towards Cole something Andrew had never seen before. It gave him just a bit of courage that he would be able to stand up to Cole if necessary.

Derrick spoke up. “Don’t go getting him all worked up, Vince. You know how he gets when he’s annoyed. Cole might just leave you out of the party all together.” He was rubbing himself as he moved to stand next to Vince. Derrick leaned against Vince’s back gently, dipped his head down to kiss Vince’s neck. Vince squirmed underneath Derrick pleasantly, tilted his head away, baring his neck. It was a clear gesture of “more, please.”

“And that would be a problem. Shutting up now,” Vince said, grinning. He tossed a wink in Andrew‘s direction, and reached down to stroke himself once as Derrick continued to kiss his neck. Andrew couldn’t tell what Vince was trying to say, but whatever it was, he knew he liked it.

Michael gathered everyone’s clothes and moved them to a chair. He seemed to beCole‘s assistant, because he then rummaged through a bag and pulled out several bottles of lube and left them on the nightstand. “Everyone ready?” The men around the room murmured their assent.

Cole climbed on the bed and crawled up to Andrew. He straddled Andrew‘s lap and ran his hand lightly along the length of Andrew‘s raging erection which was standing straight up between them. “You do clean up nicely, young Mr. Collins.”

Andrew flushed at the compliment. “Thank you, sir.”

Whitfield took that opportunity to begin kissing Andrew again, pulling him close. After a moment, he broke away, and Michael was there to take his place.Andrew pulled away for a moment’s hesitation.

“Your choice, Andrew,” came the whispered encouragement from Cole.


And that’s where we’re going to leave it for today! I hope you enjoyed a taste of Andrew and Cole’s world, and I hope you take a minute to check out Group Effort: Andrew and Cole in the Amazon store. And remember, it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for reading! Happy release day!!

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