30 Posts of Kink – My Kinks

Today’s post is a list of my kinks, and a list of kinks I’d like to explore in writing. Except where noted, they are the same. (As I’ve written this, I’ve come to realize that not all of these are necessarily kinks, as much as “likes.” I’m not sure that it matters. Apologies.)

Control – What can I say? I like to be in charge. The more time I spend with Pet, the more I get into the take charge role, and being her Dominant brings me great joy. The submission of someone else to me gets my motor running. I’m less confident writing about Domination and submission, but it’s coming along. I’m sure that’s related to my own comfort level in person.

Biting – Most of mine are subsets of control. Biting and being bitten, an exchange of power and pain, I really enjoy. I have written several times about biting. It’s fun.

Dirty Talk – There’s something so fun about dirty talk. I’m not terribly confident at it, and writing it out often sounds kind of lame. I frequently write dirty talking scenes and then go back and remove quite a lot of the talking in editing. It’s because it sounds cheesy and sometimes forced, even if it came out naturally during the writing process. It’s definitely a learning curve.

Spanking/Beating – I’ve only once written about spanking, but giving or receiving, I do enjoy a good beating. My personal favorite implements to use are the paddle and the cane.

Knotting – Okay, this one I’ve never done (obviously) or written about, but one of my favorite authors has a fantastic knotting series, and I love it, and every time I read it, I think “I really should write about this myself.” So maybe one day.

Nipple play – Nipples are beautiful things. My characters always agree.

Orgasm control – So much fun in reality. I’m not sure I’ve written about it much though.

Precome – I’ll spell this one “come” until the day I die. My editor disagrees, and I’ll do it her way forever in publication, but in all of my rough drafts, it’s spelled “come” not “cum.” Sorry, Editor. In any case, I write about this a lot. I like my characters to have an unusually large volume of precome, though not gallons, not even enough to take the place of lube, just enough to slick the way. I think it’s sexier than constantly writing about a dry cock.

Knives – I haven’t had the joy of knife play in real life yet, but I delight in writing about them in my stories.

Blood – See above.

There are probably a dozen more “likes” I can think of, but I’m not going to leave you with a catalogue of ways to get me off. That just wouldn’t be fair. That said, there are quite a few things (collaring, M/s play) that I wouldn’t call kinks as much as just a part of my life, and there are a few things that I write about that I haven’t tried but also won’t likely make it to the blog or books anytime soon.

Anyone brave enough to share a kink here that I haven’t mentioned?

3 thoughts on “30 Posts of Kink – My Kinks”

  1. My favorite is a three-way tie for orgasm control, throat fucking, and being dirty (i.e. being covered in cum and/or saliva/slime from throat fucking). Orgasm control is the one that is strangest though. My Master regularly tells me to cum (I can’t stand spelling it come) randomly. It could be while I’m in the checkout line at the grocery story, at a restaurant, or right before I go inside my in-laws’ house.

    My stories regularly contain all three of them.


    1. Coming (sorry!) on demand sounds especially delightful. I never think of demanded orgasms as orgasm control, and I’m not sure why. I usually think of control as orgasm denial, I suppose.

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