Good girl

Tonight’s story was meant to be another attempt at my “Bruised/Bitten” Kink Bingo fill because I’m just not satisfied with how the last one turned out. Unfortunately, it went a bit sideways. Tyler and Sarah are perpetually my favorite f/f couple to write about, partially because I feel like I know Tyler so well at this point, and partially because their dynamic speaks to me. In tonight’s selection, Tyler shows her love for Sarah by leaving her mark, literally. 

The thing was, she didn’t bruise easily. It made the job that much more difficult, and that much more fun. Tyler had spent long minutes toying with Sarah, working to leave a bruise on her neck, her shoulder, her ass. Her kiss was open mouthed and tender, licking along the other woman’s tongue, before she moved her mouth to Sarah’s jaw, then her neck. She opened her mouth gently against Sarah’s beautiful skin, slid Sarah’s collar out of the way, and sank her teeth into Sarah’s neck.

The woman moaned loudly, writhing beneath Tyler in obvious pleasure, head falling away from Tyler’s mouth as much as it could. “Fuck,” she managed to get out. “Fuck yeah.”

Tyler worked her teeth in deeper, biting harder. She was determined to leave a bruise tonight, one way or another. When she was satisfied, she released Sarah and lapped the spot with her tongue, caressing the mark she hoped was developing. When she drew back, it was red, but that meant nothing. It could be red and fade quickly, or it might leave a lasting mark to remind Sarah of Tyler’s love.

When she released Sarah from her arms, Tyler turned the woman to face away and bent her over the bench they’d been sitting on. Sarah obediently placed her hands on the cushion and spread her legs. Then she spread them wider when Tyler tapped Sarah’s foot with one of her own. Tyler loved Sarah like this, bent over and eager, legs spread, ready to take whatever Tyler felt appropriate. The level of trust left her breathless. She cleared her throat, unwilling to let herself get too sentimental in thought, lest she take it too easy on the waiting slave.

She started with the paddle, gently at first, a few warning smacks, before increasing the intensity, first on one side, then the other. The red that bloomed along Sarah’s ass was beautiful, and Tyler felt herself get wet between the legs. The paddling drew a few onlookers, and with each smack, Sarah moaned loudly. Tyler loved watching the redness deepen, watching Sarah rock in place with each strike. Occasionally, Sarah would lift herself up on her toes, and the moans would intensify.

Tyler stopped for a moment, sat the paddle on the bench, and waited. She bent to the woman beneath her and kissed her cheek tenderly before picking up the cane.

“So good,” she whispered in the woman’s ear. Sarah nodded eagerly, unable to respond.

She teased along Sarah’s reddened ass with the tip of the cane, dragging the point across the tender area, and then without warning, cracked Sarah across the upper thighs. A red stripe appeared immediately. Another strike, another stripe, over and again. The beauty of Sarah’s submission was overwhelming Tyler, and eventually, she stopped the caning, switched back to the paddle to bookend the beating.

When she finished, what she really wanted to do was slide her hand between Sarah’s legs and finger her into oblivion, but instead, she stood the woman up, kissed her gently, and sent a runner for a glass of water.

“What a good girl,” Tyler murmured to Sarah. And she meant it.

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