Have I used this title before? I can’t remember. Anyway, I deeply apologize for this post being a day late. I’ve been so good about getting something to you regularly. I was out with Pet last night for a good while and then when I got home my parenting duties were called to action. By the time it was all over, it was 10:30 my time and I was sound asleep. (I go to bed early like an old lady.)

Bitten is just over 500 words, and is my Kink Bingo fill for–what else?–bites/bruises.

Also, I think I’ve just discovered how to put in the “Read More” cut so that my explicit material isn’t showing up on your dash, so tonight is an attempt at that, as well.

Jake leaned over Andrew in the darkened room, watching closely. Andrew knelt on the bed, facing away, and Jake could see anticipation in the set of his shoulders, the tilt of his head, the straightness of his back. Andrew was waiting for something, though Jake was sure Andrew didn’t know just what he was waiting for. This was the game they played. Jake was ever in charge, Andrew the toy to be played with. Tonight Jake was in a mood, and he felt savage, raw.

After a moment, he pounced, placing a hand on Andrew’s neck and pushing him down to the bed. Andrew gasped in surprise. Jake tightened his grip.

“Did I ask you to make a noise?” Andrew shook his head. “I’m asking you a question and I expect an answer.” Jake twined his fingers in Andrew’s hair and gave a sharp tug. “Did I ask you to make a noise?”

Andrew shook his head again, ever so slightly. “No, sir.”

“Good. Silence unless I give permission.” Andrew nodded, and Jake was pleased.

This wasn’t enough though, this immediate obedience, to quell the churning Jake felt inside. He released Andrew and stood, paced the floor briefly, deciding what to do next. He knew Andrew was laying there, getting hard if he wasn’t already, waiting for the next move. He had so many options—the flogger, the cane, the belt. So many ways to make Andrew’s nerves sing while he pushed to the limits of his tolerance. No, none of those would do. He wanted more immediacy. He knew what he was going to do.

Jake dropped down to the bed and kissed the other man tenderly on the neck. Andrew tilted his head out of the way to provide easier access, and Jake took advantage of the opportunity to open his mouth and bite down into the meat of his shoulder. The bite was gentle at first, but quickly tightened, and Andrew squirmed underneath Jake, shifting his shoulder towards Jake to lessen the pressure. If he’d been able to, Jake would have given Andrew permission to cry out, but what was done was done. He sucked as he bit, and then released. Andrew’s breath came out in a huff. Jake ran his tongue over the spot, soothing, knowing it would bruise.

He urged Andrew on his back with a gentle pull on the marked shoulder, and Andrew rolled without resistance. Jake was pleased to see that Andrew had a raging erection, shining at the tip from precome.

Jake leaned in close to Andrew’s ear and whispered, “Now, I want to hear you.”

“Yes, sir,” Andrew replied, nodding rapidly.

With that as his cue, Jake latched his teeth into the other shoulder, leaving a twin mark. Andrew hissed against the pain, then moaned loudly. Jake drew his hand to Andrew’s throat and tightened his grip, while still leaving Andrew room to breathe. Andrew’s response was a stuttered moan, bucking his hips up on the bed.

When he was ready, Jake released the other man’s shoulder and licked to soothe the spot once again. Now that he’d left his mark, he felt calmer, steady. He slid down the bed to take Andrew’s cock in his mouth and finish what he’d started.

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