Challenge #13 – Something I Love

Writing. That’s something I love. I do. I know that’s fairly obvious, but I thought it was worth writing about today.

My first royalty statement came in last week. Unfortunately, my Amazon sales weren’t included because of their quarter system, but my sales from and were. It was super exciting to see that there are people out there reading my stuff. I’m so grateful.

Writing has been such a huge positive in my life. I took a long time to accept that I might possibly be any good, thanks in part to a terrible critique class I took in college. When I started again, I was scared to share with anyone, lest they react the same way. I stumbled across erotica writing by accident, having not had much success as a YA writer. Not that I ever completed anything YA.

Erotica has been so rewarding and fulfilling. I know how that must seem but I truly enjoy bringing pleasure and amusement to people’s lives. Plus, romance writing is just fun. The characters run away with me and write their own stories. It takes me away amd allows me to play in other worlds for a while, get to know people I never would have discovered in real life. And of course, I get to play God and control them all.

Writing is like getting everything you want all at once, even when the characters have their own ideas. I’ve never felt that I am terribly creative, but wirth my writing, it almost creates itself. I couldn’t be happier when I’m writing.

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