Challenge #10 – A letter to my future self

A letter to my future self. This was hard. How do you write to someone who has lived through everything you’ve lived through and then some? I almost chickened out and wrote a letter to my past self. But here goes.

Dear future self,

How’s it going? At this point, I’ve sold three stories, and I’m on the verge of making some big changes in your life. Do they work out? Are you happy with Pet and your new arrangement? How did she take the surprise? Well, I hope.

I’m about to change jobs and I’m very happy about the change. I’m curious to see how it turns out. Do you get the contract job you’re hoping for? How was your summer?

Right now, I’m flying high, and I know that’s partially my crazy brain playing tricks on me. I hope you weather the storm that will inevitably follow. I also want to remind you of the cyclic nature of things, so if things are bad, know that they won’t be bad forever.

Good luck on book number four, and good luck with the changes.

Past Riley

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