Challenge #6 – Feelings


Today’s challenge is to write about my feelings for someone. I’m not good at feelings. Most people who know me can attest to that. I’m rather like Crowley. Since I can’t possibly scare up 500 words talking about my feelings for one person, I’ll be breaking it down into the three people to whom Nurse’s Orders is dedicated. Consider this an expansion of that dedication.

Husband: This one is likely relatively obvious. He’s my rock. He’s my savior. I frequently say that I would be, at best, a functional alcoholic without him around. Truth be told, I’m a hot mess, and he keeps the mess somewhat contained. But beyond the typical mess-maintenance, Husband is a huge supporter and cheerleader of mine. I’m lucky to have a partner who not only approves of my writing habit (as though I’d need approval) but encourages it heartily. The best part is, while he’s never read anything I’ve written (m/m isn’t his thing, but I did promise him that I’ll write some f/f and blog it soon), he is my sounding board. It’s not strange for me to come to him and say, “Is it unrealistic if X happens?” or “What’s another word for Y?” He’s my thesaurus, my plot-hole fixer, my name generator. I’d say I can’t do this without him, but really, I can’t survive without him, and everything else is just the bonus reel.

Pet: Pet, for those of you who haven’t caught on, is my not-girlfriend-because-I-have-commitment-issues. We’ve been dating for over a year now, and really, we have a pretty fabulous time just being together. She’s incredible. At least 50% of the time we’re together, I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with me and why I haven’t married this girl yet. (Aside from the fact that we’re both married already.) She loves me, truly, in ways that I don’t deserve. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. To sweeten the deal, she frequently beta reads for me. It’s incredibly helpful, and in fact she was the only one to see the final drafts of Nurse’s Orders before it was submitted for consideration. I trust her judgement, and I trust that she’ll be honest with me. It’s a valuable thing to have, and she deserves better than me.

Eye: Eye is one of my best friends. We’ve only been friends a couple of years, but we got close quickly and haven’t looked back since. She’s another writer, and we push each other to create and improve. I’m so grateful that she’s in my life. Falling Apart would never have become a thing if she hadn’t been there for me, pushing me to “just send the damn thing in already” and coaching me through all of my hand-wringing over whether it was good enough to even bother. When I wrote the very first draft of Nurse’s Orders, back when it was very different, just a baby seed, she read what now stands as a portion of chapter one and handed it back to me with one comment: “Where’s the rest?” (Incidentally, I felt like it was too long and only deserved about 1,000 words, less than half of what the first draft managed to be.)

All of these people have been a gift to my life. I wouldn’t be the writer I am or the person I am without them. I want to thank them all for their roles in nurturing me.

And that concludes this episode on feelings.

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