Challenge #1 – A short autobiography

Autobiographies are hard. Here’s mine, in list form.
– I was born on a military base in the deep south.
– I grew up in a small town an hour from a city.
– School wasn’t my strong suit, because I wasn’t very socially aware. I was good at the academics, but not the rest.
– I played (badly) in the woodwind section of my band for six years. I never managed much skill because practicing was for the birds. Maybe I wasn’t bad, just mediocre.
– I also played softball badly. Objectively so. I’m uncoordinated, have no depth perception, and am not very athletic.
– College was a revelation. I can remember my first transformative moment, sitting in the dining hall with friends arguing about politics and realizing I knew nothing. That day changed me so deeply.
– My major changed many times. I’ve been an art major, English, education, sociology, writing, and I considered music and communication a minute.
– I wanted to write, but I had a terrible experience with a workshop class. It was so brutal that I stopped writing for over a decade, even for pleasure.
– The strange thing about parenthood is that it has forced me to be more true to myself. I want to be a role model to my kid, and therefore, I work hard to be honest about who and what I am.
– I came out as bisexual and polyamorous two years ago, largely thanks to the music of a particular band.
– The strangest things I’ve ever done are go through a drive thru without a car and order diet water, and cover myself in whipped cream and offer hugs to strangers. I blame Misha Collins, the actor. Google gishwhes for more information.
– I love writing now, thanks to my awesome writer’s support group. And I’m glad I came back to it, because it turns out, I’m pretty okay at it too.

And there you have it. A “short” autobiography.

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