NaNoWriMo update 1

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, possibly not as slow as I’m going. In the first week of NaNoWriMo, I’ve been behind on my goals for five days of seven, and I’m currently sitting at one 600 word day and one 0 word day in the past two days.

The goal is 1667 per day. Oops.

This first drafting is tricky business. It’s all crap. All of it. I keep messaging my support team with flailing about my terrible difficulties. They keep telling me “Suck it up, buttercup.” It’s a balance.

The good news is that today I wrote 2900 words. I’m only 1200 behind, which is about an hour or two of writing, or one steamy sex scene. Tomorrow my goal will be to narrow that gap. I’ll need to write at least 1600 words just to stay s behind as I am,  so my goal will be to write 2000. It will be a challenge, but it is doable. Tomorrow, I’m also going house hunting and I have a date in the evening. I may just being my laptop and beg her understanding, and write the whole time. Hazards of dating a writer… tell me in the comments what other hazards of being with a writer you’ve come across.

My blogs will still continue to come twice a week this month, but may be even less lengthy than usual. I’m saving my words for the book, after all.

How’s your NaNo going, fellow WriMos?

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