I’ve made a few

Mistakes, that is. We all have, right?

Today was a particularly rough day in a long series of bad days, so mistakes are on my mind. Who hasn’t made a mistake or two? Nobody’s perfect. You just erase (or beg for forgiveness) and move on. If you can.

This is one reason both I love and hate NaNoWriMo.

Mistakes happen.  And during NaNo, I get to force myself to ignore them. It’s a real challenge.

Typically, I make myself stop using the backspace key and use the strikethrough option. I still get to count tbose words towards my word count, but they don’t get to stay past November.  Once I start editing,  the strikethrough words go away. It’s beautiful.  As beautiful as a mess can be, anyway.

(Side note: my phone wantes to autocorrect anywya to anyways. What?)

My other favorite way to allow mistakes is to use pen and a notebook.  It’s much easier to strike out a word I don’t like and save it to count for later. One friend doesn’t allow herself to use erasers at all in November. What a great idea.

I’m sure there are other brilliant ways to allow yourself to make mistakes and still succeed. I’d like to hear them. How do you handle mistakes, both in life and in writing?

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