Good Grief

I’ve been off my game lately. Hardly any writing, and I forgot to write a post for yesterday until late last night. But I have an excuse, and it’s a pretty good one.

Everything that could go wrong lately, has.

Murphy’s Law, right?

I have had a million little things happen. One friend told me Mercury is in retrograde and that’s why.  I have no idea, but it needs to go away.

The short list:
-picked up a product from a colleague, but it was damaged and we had to spend extra time to find an undamaged one
-making me late for a client
-and then I had a slightly different product than the client hoped for
-got lost on the way to another client
-left my wallet at home and realized halfway to an event an hour away that required ID
-left half my costume at home for an event
-my phone died completely
-I broke my favorite necklace
-and more…

It’s been a few crazy days. Mercury can go to hell.

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